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Gateway University Research Park tenant selected as Shark Tank finalist

MAY 2015 -  Kepley Biosystems', a NanoBio Launchpad tenant at Gateway University Research Park, has been selected as a finalist in season 7 and is in the running to be featured on the TV show "Shark Tank," according to Chris Kepley, the company's founder.  “They are reviewing the video we sent them now,” continued Kepley.  Kepley Biosystems produces an eco-friendly bait product called Organobait.  The bait product is a substitute for dead fish and releases several crustacean-attracting chemicals into the water. 

Fishermen are attracting crabs and lobsters from longer distances,” he said. “You’re just putting more of what they smell in the water." 

The bait also is designed as an alternative to counteract the loss of fishing bait populations around the world.  

A recently formed standalone company called Crushtacean is expected to serve as the distributor of Organobait and begin selling the product within the next six months to a year directly to crustacean fisherman as well as retailers Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops.

“Hopefully we’ll set up a distribution facility that we can scale up and meet the demand and continue to do R&D research as we sell the product,” Kepley said.  "Having access to the equipment at The Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering at Gateway University Research Park is vital for the bait's development."

Kepley is expecting plenty of success with the product, adding that it has already gotten positive feedback from fisherman who have tested the bait and say it “works as well or better than what they are using now.”

Photo credit J. Knight Photography.