The Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering (JSNN) is the flagship research institution located at Gateway Research Park. The facility is a 105,000 square foot two-story research building located on Gateway South.

The JSNN was established through collaboration between North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and the University of North Carolina  Greensboro. The JSNN builds on the strengths of both Universities to offer an innovative, cross-disciplinary graduate program that trains scientists in various emerging areas of nanoscience and nanoengineering.

The JSNN currently has six research focus areas including: NanoBiology, NanoMetrology, NanoMaterials (with a special emphasis on NanoComposite materials), NanoBioelectronics, Nanoenergy and Computational Nanotechnology. These technical areas afford numerous opportunities for collaboration with industry partners.

The facility includes: partner labs, cleanrooms, wet lab space, fermentation lab, thermochemical lab, tissue culture and cell culture space, biophysics lab, bioscience open lab, and a shared suite of analytical tools including a Carl Zeiss SMT ® Orion Helium Ion microscope – all operational and ready for use by corporate and research partners.

Nanomanufacturing Innovation Consortium

The Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering (JSNN) has established a Nanomanufacturing Innovation Consortium (NIC), which is fast-becoming a global leader in transformative nanomanufacturing research, discovery and education.

The NIC enables access to the JSNN’s state-of-the-art research and education facility located at Gateway Research Park, and it provides access to unique state-of-the-art capabilities for product development, analytical services, materials testing, analysis, and evaluation to address the diverse needs of consortium members. Of particular benefit is the ability of NIC members to gain visibility into the JSNN’s ongoing research in nanobiology, nanomaterials and cleanroom technologies.

A sample of companies that have joined the consortium include Qorvo, Syngenta, Kontoor Brands, Evonik, Triad Polymers, Luna Innovations, BNNano, High Point University, and Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. 

Gateway Research Park administers the NIC program on behalf of the JSNN.

Partnership Arrangements

Partnership arrangements are captured in a variety of agreements including, but not limited to:


Prior to entering into sensitive discussions we execute non-disclosure agreements to provide mutual assurances that confidential information will be safeguarded.


Both office and laboratory space are available at Gateway and space can be outfitted to suit the partner’s specific needs. Lease rates for this space are market competitive. Prospective tenants must have synergies with JSNN, NCA&T or UNCG. Criteria that will be evaluated for synergy include: collaboration with faculty and students, lab sharing, equipment sharing, sponsored research, co-development of intellectual property, patents, licenses, curriculum input, and adjunct faculty status. Initially, smaller startup ventures may choose to obtain office space and utilize common laboratory space for a majority of their needs.


This agreement lays the framework for partners to access the facilities and equipment. It includes items such as the types of facilities and equipment subject to the agreement, the hourly usage rates, an understanding about how usage will be scheduled, adherence to the Gateway Lab Safety Plan guidelines, equipment-specific training which may be required, maintenance and repair guidelines, and more. Laying out these ground rules helps to guarantee that all stakeholders in the facilities are treated equitably.


This agreement outlines the essential purposes of the collaboration, who will be on the project team, how decisions will be made, how costs will be allocated, procedures for pursuing intellectual property protection, ownership rights in resulting inventions and intellectual property, the procedures for handling publication of results etc.


We encourage and facilitate mutually beneficial relationships with our equipment partners. These partnerships are focused on establishing the core capabilities at Gateway and JSNN and offering those capabilities to our other partners. We will explore new applications for advanced tools with these providers.