Gateway Research Park is committed to providing a safe working environment and believes its partners, university staff and university students have a right to know about health hazards associated with their work. The Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) includes policies, procedures, and responsibilities designed to develop an awareness of potentially hazardous chemicals in the workplace, and it serves to train individuals in appropriate, safe working conditions. Because few laboratory chemicals are without hazards, it is important to minimize all chemical exposure and that the risk is not underestimated.

It is important that all individuals assume responsibility for laboratory safety. All individuals will have access to pertinent safety information. The people who work in any given area are best able to detect potential hazards in either the facility or in work procedures. When safety concerns arise, individuals are encouraged to contact the Environmental, Health and Safety Manager at Gateway.

A training program has been designed for the benefit and protection of all individuals at Gateway. Necessary information will be available to inform any individual how best to handle hazardous chemicals. Plans are reviewed annually to assure safe laboratory/work procedures and environment.

ALL INDIVIDUALS utilizing laboratories must undergo and adhere to all training and safety protocols and procedures as required by Gateway.