Gateway Partnering Client: Triad Growth Partners
As part of its collaborative model, Gateway is home to Triad Growth Partners, AxNano and the Technology Development Group. AxNano and the Technology Development Group (“TDG”) leverages a unique relationship between many technology creators such as the Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering, federal laboratories, commercial companies, and other universities, to advance discoveries made at these entities to meet market needs.

Triad Growth Partners (“TGP”), the parent company of AxNano and TDG, provides commercialization process expertise to technologies at various stages of development in a unique business environment.

TGP has three other operating divisions:

Business Development Group
Drives business development activities including licensing and commercialization by leveraging a team of seasoned business analysts and mentors, including an extensive network of senior executives of successful U.S. and International companies.

TGP Hatchery
Provides early stage capital to technologies with promising growth prospects.

Idea Institute
TGP’s Team of creative members from multiple disciplines that form “Da Vinci Teams” helping drive second and third generation product development.