North Carolina A&T State University

The Office of Outreach and Economic Development at North Carolina A&T State University identifies promising technologies that arise from research conducted at NC A&T. The office connects industrial and commercial partners with expertise, new technologies, and opportunities for continuing development at the University, while creating technology-driven businesses and economic benefits to the regional and state economies. The office also manages the University’s intellectual property portfolio and works directly with faculty, staff and students to build a pipeline of novel products and concepts with commercial value.

University of North Carolina Greensboro

The Office of Innovation Commercialization at The University of North Carolina Greensboro supports the University’s effort to encourage innovation and disseminate knowledge. The office serves the University and the public by commercializing discoveries developed by UNCG faculty, students and staff, and also assists UNCG faculty in obtaining research support from corporate sponsors. The office consults on intellectual property and technology transfer, determines patentability and assesses commercial potential of the disclosed inventions, administers the patent process, negotiates licensing agreements, and supports UNCG inventors in establishing start-up companies to commercialize their inventions.