ESC Brands Advancing New Products Designed to Kill COVID and More

GREENSBORO, NC – September 10, 2020ESC Brands is actively developing three products that provide new options for protection from both microbial and viral infection, including COVID-19.  ESC has facilities in America, Hong Kong, China and Canada, and along with an R&D space in Gateway’s Launchpad, produces nano antimicrobial coatings and antiviral technologies for the consumer, industrial and institutional markets.

My-Shield Laundry Complete is an advancement added to the fabric cycle of any domestic or commercial washing machine that’s proven to kill COVID-19 at 99.9% in 15 minutes. After a one-hour treatment, it’s effective for up to 200 days.

Bruce Smyth, Managing Director of ESC Brands, said, “Wearing clothing washed in Laundry Complete is like wearing an “antiviral” mask over your entire body.” We’re excited about introducing this breakthrough new product later this year to the consumer and commercial markets.”

The product development of My-Shield Laundry Complete, as well as other ESC products, including a surface disinfectant now on the market, is overseen by Dr. Debra M. Moriarity, Professor Emerita, at the University of Alabama Dr. Moriarity plans to present her findings as a white paper to the Journal of Science on completion.