ESC Brands Opens in Gateway South

GREENSBORO, NC – April 23, 2020 – ESC Brands, specializing in nano antimicrobial coatings and antiviral technologies, has opened a research and development location in Gateway South in Research Facility 1 (RF1). ESC Brands addresses the world’s ongoing battles against pandemics and disease transfer, using its proprietary nanotechnology-based component Zetrisil® as an active ingredient in all its products.

The company is starting here with its chief research scientist and an intern working in the Gateway Launchpad and plans to expand at Gateway South with an additional five or six researchers.

ESC Brands, based in Canada with a manufacturing division in Lexington, NC, formulates and manufactures its antimicrobial and antiviral technologies for industrial, commercial and personalcare hygiene markets. ESC product lines include a topical wound care ointment, hand and body sanitizers, industrial process disinfectants, and surface cleaners. The products are effective against a wide variety of microorganisms, including bacteria and viruses, providing both immediate and residual protection.

“We searched for over a year to identify the right place for a R&D lab in the U.S.,” said Bruce Smyth, Managing Director, ESC Brands. “The outstanding resources at Gateway South provided us with access to talent, equipment, and other intellectual capital, as well as

offering an excellent laboratory space. It’s an ideal location for ESC to evolve our applications and formulations that tackle the rapidly changing needs in the world.” Smyth added that part of the research at Gateway South will be focused on longterm nano coatings on surfaces to protect them from viruses and bacteria for extended periods of times.

Jim Westmoreland, Interim Director of Gateway Research Park, said, “We’re pleased to welcome ESC Brands to Gateway South and look forward to seeing more discoveries take place in Greensboro. The Gateway Launchpad is a unique co-working environment for nano-bio related businesses that require high tech laboratory space. We have another company that started here in a co-working suite and moved to its own larger space in Gateway and we hope ESC will grow here also.”

The antimicrobial and antiviral products developed and manufactured by ESC Brands are effective without strong chemicals or bleach, helping to avoid the addition of harmful chemicals into the environment.