Kepley BioSystems Invents Ways to Have Fresh, Safe Air No Matter Where You Go

GREENSBORO, NC – June 18, 2020 – What would it be like to know the air you’re breathing is sterilized and completely safe wherever you go? Kepley BioSystems, a biotechnology company in Gateway North, has invented a device to give that level of protection by providing a personal breathing space cleared of any harmful microorganisms. Kepley BioSystems has completed patent work on the technology for a novel air sterilization mask, as well as sterilization for controlled spaces to directly eliminate airborne viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens.

“The air sterilization mask can help people be at ease knowing they have a safe and relaxed air flow that sterilizes both inhaled and exhaled air,” said Dr. Anthony Dellinger, president of Kepley BioSystems. “A full-face mask has the face shield separate from the mouthpiece, allowing for full facial expressions when interacting with others.”

The patent-pending invention offers maximum mobility for individuals in confined spaces such as airplanes, meeting rooms and crowds. It would also protect from the spread of disease in medical settings, manufacturing, shipping, and food preparation. Additional embodiments would apply to high-risk enclosed spaces, such as operating rooms, where it could replace N95 masks. Kepley is forming a consortium of public health officials and commercial partners to develop the innovation for widespread practical application.

Kepley BioSystems also filed the second of two accelerated patents describing novel approaches to protective applications addressing the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as increasing antimicrobial resistance threats. To learn more about it, visit this page.